Personal Projects

Marwick Place

Concept poster design for an (un)official Netflix Original Series, Marwick Place.
The idea to create this poster comes from a TV script by my friend and screenwriter, Dillon Colthart.

The Shining

Tribute poster to one of the best horror films of all time, which celebrated its 40th year since release in 2020.


These designs were inspired by Jason Shulman’s collection of ‘Photographs of Films’. I attempted to replicate the original effect in Adobe Photoshop by combining just a couple of frames from the films Dunkirk and 12 Angry Men.

Portal on Regent Street

This was created entirely through experimenting with After Effects and Cinema 4D and the ideas came to me whilst I was making it. I think the outcome is very strong for something that wasn’t planned.

The Hound of Ulster

Whilst on holiday in Ireland in 2015 I took a load of photos and after some time considering what I should do with them I came up with the idea of creating the opening for a fictional television show, based on the Irish legend of Cú Chulainn. It allowed me to delve deeper into After Effects and helped me to perfect some of my skills in Photoshop; including removing artefacts from photos that wouldn’t suit the middle-aged vibe of my show!